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Feb 23, 2017

Think I'll record all 85 essays in The Federalist Papers. But I'm not sure I should.

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Feb 20, 2017

Chapter 5, The final (hour-long) Chapter.  Mill provides some sample applications for the principles from previous chapters.  And points out that though society could restrict liberty when others experience loss, that doesn't mean they always should.  Some losses aren't as important as preserving Liberty.

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Feb 16, 2017

Chapter 4 - Aren't there limits on liberty and individuality?  Certainly.  But there are also limits on society, and both are to preserve.  And sometimes, liberty has costs.  But liberty is worth the costs.


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Feb 13, 2017

 Chapter 3 Part 2 - It's important to be an individual, and to allow others to be individuals in thought and act.  And it's important to preserve that liberty, even for individuals you don't like.  Because they come up with good new ways of doing things.  Bad new ways, too -- and then you learn what doesn't work... ...

Feb 9, 2017

Chapter 3 Part 1 - Mill speaks about the importance of not just thinking and talking but acting as an individual (as long as you don't harm others) and preserving the right to act as an individual.  One of the strengths of his arguments is that though he might well not approve of some of our new sorts of individuality,...