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Dec 11, 2011

Various tunes from Ariel Publicity, including:


Savio Rego - Moving On

Stephen Luke - Powered by Love

Beth Bombara and The Robotic Foundation - Conversation

Roy Jay - California Grey

Mark Radcliffe - Miss Hard to Forget


Theme music "140 Times" from Rock On, out of Minneapolis MN.

Comments to 218-214-CALL ...

Dec 11, 2011

The rebooted version of IDSL.  Don't have the actual List to work from anymore, but I have other sources for music, of course.

Music includes:


Amy Coleman - Where Are You

Lily Sparks - Stars

Maria Dunn - The Elder Sister

Lori Lieberman - Killing Me Softly

Brant Christopher - Shoes for Margaret


Found all of these on...

Dec 11, 2010

Yet another IDSL, this one recorded while live-streaming in Second Life at my little jazz club there, Ours Ballroom.  (Technically, This Ballroom of Ours.)  Had a few tech flaws, but it's not too bad.  Again, all Ariel Publicity music.

Music Included:

Maria Dunn - The Peddler

The Juniper - The Juniper

Shalone -...

Dec 10, 2010

A quick, hacked-together version of The IDSL, using only tunes I got from Ariel Publicity.  Since my account there doesn't work anymore at the moment, I couldn't get to bio information, but now that I think about it, I may be able to get it from other sources for future shows.  How many shows, how often?  Who knows?  I...

IDSL from 09/08/2009 - High-quality version (Comment line 218-234-CALL)

Sep 9, 2009

You can directly download the file from here.

On "The IDSL" today:

"Chandeliers, Scientists, Freaks and Aliens" from Dallas Orbiter

"Change Again" from Midriff

"We Dream For Jeanne" for Spider Robinson

"Change is in Season" from Matthew Anderson

"Change" from Schiek

"Feedback PSA" from Nobilis