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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Feb 19, 2024


This is a very special podcast that will focus on a generation span of adventurous and active adults between sixty-five and eight-five plus years of age.

This group of seniors are being left out of the loop, shunted aside by their families, former coworkers and the media name it. Misconceptions galore believing that we have nothing left to offer to the world.

My mission with this podcast is to enlighten people that we still have twenty to thirty GOOD , PRODUCTIVE YEARS left to contribute to the world economy, serve others, share our wisdom and simply kick butt with our adventurous spirit.

The podcast will have informal interviews about real people doing amazing things to improve their lives, enhance others and the world.

For instance Philip B, in Louisiana just purchased an E-BIKE so that he can still ride 100 miles at a time a few days a week.  Yes. He rides 100 miles at a time.  He used to do this on his standard 15 speed road racer bike. Philip is just in his 80’s.

Patti W., from California, has created her new online business that teaches us Jiu Jitsu virtually. As a former health care professional, Patti has created Health Keepers  United to help other health care workers.

On the creative, artistic side John H, from Texas has been a song writer, left handed guitarist, singer for over fifty years.  At the young age of seventy, he continues to play in the night clubs, weddings, special events.  He is manifesting that one hit wonder.  

Real interviews in the next episode...


These links are exactly about the heading above,.  Meaning that I will always include links to discovery, adventure and guidance. I practice them, or have used them or trust them.  Venture on your own however, as I am not liable for any mishaps!

Philip’s E-bike referral Aventure .2 EBIKE

Patti W, teachings for  

Here is the main website for JSJ

John Hudson’s music link:


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