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Wealth, Yoga Wine

May 25, 2022

Would you rather feel happy, having great days feeling that life is good  

 or rather nothing goes right for you, everything is negative and dramatic in your life?




Here are three Quick’s tips to CHANGE 


BREATHING … deep breathing down to your belly is like a washing machine- it cleaned your blood, lymph nodes, more oxygen to your BRAIN

Children having temper tantrums?  Let them watch a yoga class specific kids 5- years to 19!


MUSIC- happy music can change your attitude in nano seconds

Jennifer Jimenez


SCIENCE OF SOUND creates these happy hormones 


IMAGES of what life you would love - write an affirmation journal

Live in a certain way - be the person NOW who is living the BIG DREAM that you’ve held inside

8 Spiritual Secrets


(Kundalini yoga). Guruka Singh -Acupunture for the brain

Kundalini yoga Acupuncture for the brain



Guru Jagat 

South Africa and French vintners - what’s the allure?

Terroir, terroir, terroir.  Location, location, location. SA. Vineyard is Terre Brûlée Le Blanc 100% Chenin Blanc. ( Domaine Vincent Careme several different STYLES)



Glenelly STELLENBOSCH foothills of Simonsberg 

Three distinct styles

Stainless steel fermentation, French oak barrels for MALO , Aged 12 months 

Glass collection Estate Reserve, Lady May- flagship wine and SINGLE VINEYARD

( notes read “ it is elegant, distinguished and venerable as its owner)