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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Mar 25, 2024


There is a saying that most people regret what they DIDN'T do in their lives - pursue that dream, take different risks, get off their butts and live life to its fullest! 

This podcast’s purpose is to feature active and adventurous seniors who are doing exactly that everyday: pursue new dreams, take different risks, get off their butts and live life fully .

“The young and the old are entitled to advance” Holliwell is guiding us to create new life experiences such as these folks:

Suzanna teaches Spanish as only a true Castilian woman of a certain age can. She teaches to our active seniors at our Gulfport senior center every week.  Research has shown that learning a new language is one of the best preventions against dementia and Alzheimer’s .

Renee is in her seventies and loves to travel.  Her favorite travel company is Road Scholar.  Road Scholar is known for their exceptional tour guides due to their knowledge, experience and expertise in a specific field. For people who like to travel solo, this is a wonderful opportunity to take new risks, create new memories, fulfill dreams.

*I learned of an Octogenarian at eighty- nine who is still a gym rat, going to the gym several times a week to lift weights and do cardio exercises.  He even inspired a woman half his age to get to it with her work out that day.

DISCOVERY, ADVENTURE, GUIDANCE:  Venture on your own however, as I am not liable for any mishaps!

Road Scholar

Philip’s E-bike referral Aventure .2 EBIKE

  • Story of the eighty nine years of age gym rat told to me by ANA GABRIELA Duican LinkedIn

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