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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Mar 5, 2024

Dr. Price Pritchett's new book LUCKY YOU guides us on several aspects of LUCK:

Your life is shaped by choice and chance

Luck comes and goes as it wishes

We need to take iniative, don't wait for luck..

and many more on the podcast so go listen


Kundalini Yoga - Get rid of the past. Balances the body. and the brain. This is great for
children also. You can do this kriya sitting in a chair



After four months of absence due to unprecedented demand
for the 2022 vintage, we bring you Old Vine Chenin Blanc
2023. For our Old Vine Chenin Blanc, we handpick grapes
from two dedicated, very old vineyards in Polkadraai Hills to
create a wine that reveals the very essence and beauty of
Chenin Blanc. The 2023 vintage marks 25 years of
producing this wine, and as the first wine released by Bruwer
under his own label, it reflects his lifelong passion and
dedication to mastering this variety



Fear of Public Speaking Mini course includes free lesson