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Wealth, Yoga Wine

May 18, 2022

Self therapy

According to transformation gurus Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor and Price Pritchett, with a little help from the right people and resources.. we are all capable of doing our own self therapy 

How -

Mary Morrissey says "notice what you’re noticing" -  Ideas are the currency of the universe… thoughts transform into feelings then action steps then results 


BOB PROCTOR - “ there is a single mental move that you can make which in a millisecond will solve ENORMOUS problems for you..DECISION


Kundalini yoga Acupuncture for the brain

Learn more on meditation here: New WELLNESS WEDNESDAY 4 th Wednesday every month in Treasure Island. Reservations a must 727-360-7411


Vincent Careme's Loire Valley vineyards established as Careme , with his wife Tania, allowed him to explore South Africa. Tania is from South Africa so began a new South African winery in 2000.  Swartland is where their vineyards are located. Vincent worked four harvests there from 1997 to 2000 prior to founding his own winery in Vouvray in 1999.   Seeing tremendous potential in South Africa’s soils for Chenin Blanc, they began their venture Terre Brûlée.  Le Blanc is 100% Chenin Blanc and sourced from blocks in the Swartland region which are predominantly shale and granite soils. Swartland is located about an hour north of Cape Town. “Swartland”  “the black land,” Le Rouge is the vineyards red Shiraz-Cinsault blend that is sourced from two blocks of dry farmed, unirrigated vines also.

Glenelly vineyard Stollenbosch

Lady May is her shortened name and at the age  seventy eight, this woman discovered a new adventure in South Africa.  According to May de Lencquesaing “  I wanted to continue the French heritage” and she believed in the terroir of the Stellenbosch area.

Discovering  South Africa’s allure led her to establish in Stellenbosch 2003.  She is famous for heralding the grand cru classe from Pauillac, Chateau Pichon Longueville


My favorite things