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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Mar 27, 2024

The Magic of Defying Routine

Many people will watch a magic show and afterwards remark “ oh I know how they did that”. And spoil the whole magical feeling with this silly statement.

I don’t want to know. I suspend disbelief and analyzing. I go for the pure joy to experience an illusionary adventure.

Zubrick and Zubrick Magic Theatre, Chris and Ryan, they call themselves ILLUSIONISTS.

Rabbits out of a hat, women sawed in half, multiple doves… but an actual helicopter on stage?? Chris and Ryan’s journey is one of pure mindset, risk taking and courage. The mindset is that they began their magic journey in Guam, then moved the theatre to St. Petersburg, Florida.

They are now living and conducting stunning magic shows in St. Petersburg Florida— if anyone knows what the climate is like here for two married men… well there is their risk and courage. Luckily for them, they are in a community that embraces people of varied lifestyles.  It is age appropriate for children over three.

These ILLUSIONISTS are following an important principle that they, most likely, don’t even know they are doing:  THE BREAKTHROUGH PRINCIPLE OF 16X, RICHARD KOCH: DEFY THE TYRANNY OF ROUTINE, DO IT YOUR WAY and other ideas in this handbook 

Kundalini yoga:  Yes you can chant your way to prosperity and protection.  They say that to change a behavior or improve your circumstances a minimum of forty days ,  so try it.


Wine- it’s SPRING  and many people will want Rose’ wines. Here are my best choices.

Choose from this list of WOMEN IN WINE as they all produce rose’. 

WELL..most of them produce a Rose'.  Contact me for help.



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