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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Feb 13, 2024

You have an Amazing Capacity for Change

There is a big difference between a Life Coach and a BUSINESS COACH. I have an adverse reaction to most coaches because I spent thousands thinking that I wanted to be a Life Coach.  Hated it. However, recently I attended a workshop given by Eric Nutting the GROWTH COACH where he specializes in solopreneurs and small entrepreneurs.

Biggest takeaway for me is the process of action steps.  Eric was more of a team member than a coach because he talked to us on common ground.

Listen to the podcast for more in-depth information. CONTACT: ERIC NUTTING

Kundalini Yoga - Criss  Cross Heart Kriya   Gets rid of the past…balances both sides of our brain… This is how we get clarity and vision.  Very easy short Kriya

Wine on Valentine’s Day.. bubble bubbles bubbles equals ROMANCE


NV Brut Rosé


My Favorite Things


VALERIE’S NEW FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING MINICOURSES..  quick lesson to limit those quesy feelings when you make a speech