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24 END TIME PROPHECIES with Pastor Rick Blomgren

Jan 31, 2024

Through prophecy we know that EVIL IS GROWING IN THE WORLD and FEARS OF WAR ARE PALPABLE in these last days. Everything that is good is seen as evil and everything evil is seen as good…this is biblical! So, what does God say about evil happening in the world…HE LAUGHS!  GOD IS IN FULL CONTROL!

Jan 22, 2024

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT WORLD EVENTS? Everything in the middle east is lining up for a major war. When it arrives, it will end virtually overnight by the hands of God alone! THIS WILL LIKELY ARRIVE IN 2024 it will be Ezekiel 38! Watch specifically for when Russia gets involved, this will occur soon and will be the trigger

Jan 13, 2024

DOES THE UNITED STATES SURVIVE in the last days after Ezekiel 38 arrives, before Jesus returns? GOD’S ANSWER IS BOTH YES AND NO…but how?  When we follow bible prophecies the answer is quite simple! Ezekiel 38, likely coming in 2024 will change our world in amazing ways by God’s design! The One World...

Jan 10, 2024

On 10-7-2023 something amazing began the possible birth of a war that with the help of 3-United States Presidents will likely result in God’s next major prophecy Ezekiel 38!  WE ARE LIVING IN THE MOST AMAZING TIME IN WORLD HISTORY!  God tells us that wise men and His Prophets desired to see what we are seeing today,...

Jan 6, 2024

On 10-7-2023 something started in Israel of biblical proportions!  A door was open, one the enemies of Israel has been planning for since 1948.  IT IS NOT EZEKIEL 38 YET! Started by a small faction within Islam, Israel will be able to handle them swiftly but at a possible cost.  Many larger enemy states of Israel led by...