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UpTalk Podcast

Mar 30, 2018

Kevin Eastwood has Directed and Produced a Documentary titled "After The Sirens". It follows 3 Paramedics as they tell their stories of how the weight of caring for people as a career has taken a devastating toll on their lives. A very honest, and powerful light is cast on the current epidemic of suicide...

Mar 28, 2018

Meet Naomi. A Paramedic and Artist from Calgary. She pledged to paint 100 portraits in 100 days as part of her Paramedics Call To Action. Also learn how you can win 1 of 5 Tema Swag Bags! Subscribe, Listen, Comment, and Share. Enjoy!

Mar 14, 2018

A chat with Jamie MacWhirter recorded in person while at the Tema Gala week in February. Many subjects covered including suicide, the Legion, and Jamie's 2nd book. Also learn about his work with Tema, and Spartan Wellness. Please share, leave feedback, and subscribe. Enjoy!