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Take the Leap

Jul 27, 2023

Episode #107: The Power Of HR Presence

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Amber Trail on Take the Leap. Amber Trail, MBA, SHRM-CP is the founder, consultant, and coach for her human
resources consulting and coaching firm, The HR Trail, LLC. In addition, Amber is also a 3x international best-selling...

Jul 18, 2023

Episode #106: Healing Without Medication

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Nicole Landon on Take the Leap. Nicole Landon has been in the medical field for over 19 years and is currently a Registered Nurse. Nicole is in the process of launching a podcast named "The Meatsack Experience". In this podcast, she reveals...

Jul 13, 2023

Episode #105: Start Up Success

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Mary Scott on Take the Leap. Mary Scott is an award-winning videographer from New York currently working in St. Louis as a Business Concierge / Consultant. She is a team organizer for 1 Million Cups, and previously a recruiter for House of Genius. She...

Jul 10, 2023

Episode #104: Finding Freedom In Your Business

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Melanie McSally on Take the Leap. Melanie McSally is the Founder & CTO of WyzeTribe™, whose mission is to empower positive change-makers to make the biggest impact by providing affordable done-for-you technology services....

Jul 6, 2023

Episode #103: Repurpose Your Power In Midlife

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Laura Enzor on Take the Leap. Laura Enzor is a wife, mother, and conqueror of Lyme disease, however, she's not stopping there! This former fitness pro and modern dancer has transformed herself into a Reinvention coach for women. She...