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Take the Leap

May 23, 2022

Episode #9

Join me today as I Interview Mary Scott on Take the Leap. Mary Scott is an Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker, and one of the Top 30 Producers of 2004 in VideoProducer Magazine. She is an expert networker with lots of DIY tips to make you look like you HAVE a crew when you ARE the crew. She has posted many...

May 20, 2022

Episode #8

Join me today as I Interview Holland Haiis on Take the Leap. Holland Haiis is a workplace strategist helping individuals and businesses improve effective leadership, leverage influence, and increase their quality of life. She is a sought-after speaker, award-winning author, named one of 100 Global Thought...

May 16, 2022

Episode #7

Join me today as I Interview Patricia A Daggett on Take the Leap. Patricia A Daggett is the Founder of Women Transformed a Dynamic, overachieving, and top-performing sales leader who is resilient to change! 18yrs in corporate/technology channel sales and has been a Single mom for 16yrs and raised 4 kids on...

May 13, 2022

"Take The LEAP with Colleen Biggs" Episode #6

Join me today as I Interview Amy Schadt on Take the Leap. Amy Schadt is a keynote speaker and women's empowerment coach who reconnects women with their passions, helps them break free from the stories that keep them stuck, and awakens their inner genius and confidence so...

May 9, 2022

Episode #5

Join me today as I Interview Dr. Erin Foley on "Take the Leap with Colleen Biggs". Dr. Erin Foley is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Certified Health and Wellness Coach, creator of Vibrant Healthy Woman Programs, and is a speaker and author. She helps women from their 30’s to 70’s balance their...