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Take the Leap

Dec 21, 2023

Episode #128: Finding Your Voice

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Pam Wilson on Take the Leap.

Whole brain thinking is a framework for decision making that recognizes cognitive diversity in both life and business. It emphasizes that understanding our thinking preferences, which we are born with, is more important...

Dec 12, 2023

Episode #127: The Power Of Online Presence

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Iris Goldfeder founder of ICG Development and Consulting LLC  on Take the Leap. Iris is not only a passionate entrepreneur but also a dedicated advocate for social issues and community development. She's the president of Unmasking...

Dec 7, 2023

Episode #126: Living An Extraordinary Life: What It Takes

Join us today as Colleen discusses the habits it takes to live above standard! In this episode, we dive deep into what it takes to live above standard and unleash your true potential. I share some powerful insights and strategies that can help you become a peak...