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Kubernetes Podcast from Google

Jun 6, 2023

In this episode we bring you with us to KubeCon EU 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We interviewed several attendees about their experience at the conference.


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News of the week

Kubernetes SIG Infra migrating some CI jobs to AWS

Kubernetes 1.26 now Generally Available on GKE

Software Supply Chain Security startup Stacklock, by Craig McLuckie and Luke Hinds raised 17.5M$

Kubernetes SIG Testing End to End Testing Best Practices update

Knative version 1.10 release

KubeDay Israel schedule


Links from the interview

Kubernetes, Resistance is Futile - Adnan Hodzic, ING

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Treacherous Trek to Development - Whitney Lee, VMware & Viktor Farcic, Upbound

Agones + Quil;kin: Kubernetes Game Server Orchestration and UDP Service Mesh - Mark Mandel, Google Cloud

Open Policy Agent


Build Your Own Path in the Cloud Native Ecosystem - Rich Burroughs, Loft Labs & Kaslin Fields, Google (Whitney mentioned learning about eBPF in this talk)

Google Cloud Anthos

PlayStation and Kubernetes: How to Solve a Problem Like Real-Time

Story of Our Transition to a Custom Kubernetes Operator for an API Gateway - Vincent Behar, Ubisoft

CNCF TAG App Delivery

Cloud Native Buildpacks