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Kubernetes Podcast from Google

Feb 9, 2024

Madhav Jivrajani is an engineer at VMware, a tech lead in SIG Contributor Experience and a GitHub Admin for the Kubernetes project. He also contributes to the storage layer of Kubernetes, focusing on reliability and scalability.

In this episode we talked with Madhav about a recent post on social media about a very interesting stale reads issue in Kubernetes, and what the community is doing about it.


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Chatter of the week

Mofi Rahman co-host this episode with Kaslin

Kubernetes Podcast episode 211

News of the week

Google announced a new partnership with Hugging Face

RedHat self-managed offering of Ansible Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure

The schedule for KubeCon CloudNativeCon EU 2024 is out

CNCF Ambassador applications are open

The CNCF Hackathon at KubeCon CloudNativeCon EU 2024 CFP is open now

The annual Cloud Native Computing Foundation report for 2023

CNCF's certification expiration period will change to 24 months starting April 1st, 2024.

Sysdig 2024 Cloud Native Security and Usage Report

Links from the interview

Madhav Jivrajani

Priyanka Saggu Interview

Stale reads Twitter/X thread by Madhav

"Kubernetes is vulnerable to stale reads, violating critical pod safety guarantees" - GitHub Issue tracking the stale reads CAP Theorem issue

CMU Wasm Research Center

"A CAP tradeoff in the wild" blog by Lindsey Kuper

"Reasoning about modern datacenter infrastructures using partial histories" research paper

The Kubernetes Storage Layer: Peeling the Onion Minus the Tears - Madhav Jivrajani, VMware

KEP-3157: allow informers for getting a stream of data instead of chunking.

KEP 2340: Consistent Reads from Cache

Journey Through Time: Understanding Etcd Revisions and Resource Versions in Kubernetes - Priyanka Saggu, KubeCon NA 2023

Kubernetes API Resource Versions documentation