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A Cultural History of Canada

Aug 22, 2021

In which we talk about the 1858 Fraser River gold rush, its part in the creation of the colony of British Columbia, and a modern take on the event in Raymond Maher's 'The Deadly Five' novel.


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Aug 7, 2021

In which we discuss the ways that the Great White North is shown in various media - from the Simpsons to Kevin Smith films! It's a veritable popluck of topics... I don't regret the joke. Here are the first 10 minutes of our talk!


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Aug 1, 2021

In which we have Native American, Himanish Goel, join us to talk about the Trickster figure as a way to open on a central part of many Western Indigenous myths and British Columbia generally! We use Eden Robinson's Son of a Trickster to help us with some of the themes. Somewhat relevant tangents include Loki and To Kill...