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Beach Talk Radio

May 11, 2019

Mike Deardon, also known as Popeye, is the organizer of Popeyepalooza, an event that raises thousands of dollars for youth sports on the beach. Mike talks about how and why he started the event, how long its been going on and all the great items that were donated for a silent auction. He also talks about how he got the nickname Popeye and, by the way, he does a killer impersonation of the spinach-eating muscle man. Steve Maillakakis was our second guest. Stevie "The Greek" is the owner of Plaka Restaurant on Fort Myers Beach. We spoke to Steve about his great menu, the recent decision to ban vendors in Times Square and his side business -- building custom fishing rods -- called Spartan Stix. Steve gets up to $1,000 for his custom built rods (and that doesn't include a reel). There is a one year wait if you ordered one today. Finally, Kim and Ed discuss the controversial decision by the town council regarding the street performers and vendors, some of whom will soon be banned.