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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Dec 8, 2022

I believe in celebrating milestones, they are a sign of triumph over adversity, of strength, and of hope, particularly in the later years when they represent decades of experience.


We cherish special life milestones like birthdays and anniversaries for a reason and I am very big on that.


Celebrating life on a daily basis is a way to develop an attitude of gratitude that can literally transform our outlook on life and our ability to more deeply enjoy what we already have hence this episode where I fill you all in on my birthday celebration. 


  • 10:54 - “We should be intentional about being a vibe or being around a vibe.”
  • 35:55 - “It’s all about how you cultivate the relationship..”
  • 43:14 - “We all communicate differently and communication is just not speaking, it’s also listening.”
  • 51:23- “When you strategically plan out things, things work out for you.”

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