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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Dec 22, 2022

Christmas or as I call it Litmas is once again rushing up fast and as we carve out time to spend with loved ones, you may have a mixed bag of emotions thinking about the holidays and the approaching new year.


As we grow closer to 2023, you, like myself, maybe reflecting on what goals you set out to achieve at the top of this year. As I intentionally reflect on 2022, many things come to mind that I wanted to share with you.


I believe rather than dwindle on what was or was not, we should use this season to reflect on everything that has happened to us throughout the last 365 days. Get clear on the wins and losses and be grateful for being able to witness a time as such and this is a reminder to also give yourself grace on the journey. 

  • 9:14 - “Do you reflect at the end of your year, month or quarter?
  • 18:59 -  “What are some of the habits that no longer serve you?”
  • 29:15 - “Things could be dope but that doesn’t stop life from lifing.”
  • 37:01- “Small shifts yield big results.”

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