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Just Ask Judy

Sep 18, 2023

Dear Just Ask Judy,

As a recruiter, I understand how important good client relationships are. What do you suggest I do to maintain good relationships with my clients to retain their return business?

… Interested in Iowa


Dear Interested in Iowa,

Your question identifies an issue crucial for the success of any business. Building strong connections with your clients helps retain them and opens doors for potential referrals and new opportunities. To address your concern, I asked Jana Fichtner, President of Fichtner & Associates to share her experience and insights gained over 36 years in the staffing industry.

Jana noted that maintaining communication is crucial for building and maintaining client loyalty. Answering phone calls and returning voicemails promptly is very important. While many people let unknown numbers go to voicemail due to spam calls, Jana believes every call could be an opportunity. By answering calls and returning voicemails, she ensures that she gets in touch with all potential candidates or clients who may be trying to contact her.

She highlights the importance of treating others as you would like to be treated. Jana has earned her clients’ loyalty by providing excellent service and by treating candidates and clients respectfully. While she acknowledges that she may not be the only recruiter they have worked with, she is often their first choice when they need assistance.

This loyalty is a result of their positive experiences with her. Furthermore, Jana emphasizes the significance of keeping in touch with clients even when she may have yet to find the right candidate for them. By regularly communicating with clients and updating them on the progress of their search, she maintains a strong relationship with them. This proactive approach shows clients that she is invested in their success and committed to helping them find the right candidate.

Jana suggested that networking and relationships are crucial in career advancement. By building strong and lasting connections, individuals can open doors to new job opportunities, collaborations, and mentorship. Furthermore, building lasting relationships can provide a sense of fulfilment and purpose. When time and energy is invested into building and maintaining relationships, we invest in the well-being and happiness of ourselves and others.

Jana acknowledges the generational differences when it comes to technology. Those in their early 30s are much more tech-savvy than the previous generation. This highlights that younger individuals may be more inclined to “ghost” recruiters because they are comfortable with digital communication and may not see the need for a direct conversation or explanation.

Jana also suggests a possible solution to the problem of ghosting. She advises recruiters to send a direct email or text to the candidate or client using the word "closure." By stating that they assume the lack of response means the individual is not interested in the position, the recruiter essentially provides an opportunity for the person to confirm or deny their lack of interest.

This approach may prompt a response and clarify situations where ghosting has occurred. If you have any questions for Jana, she can be contacted at or by visiting her website at

I hope this helps answer your question.