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Just Ask Judy

Sep 19, 2023

Dear Just Ask Judy-

As a recruiter I need to communicate with applicants and clients on a regular basis. Is texting still an efficient tool to accomplish this?

… Karl in Kansas

Dear Karl in Kansas-

Thank you for reaching out with your question about the utility of texting. Even with the strong presence of social...

Sep 18, 2023

Dear Just Ask Judy,

As a recruiter, I understand how important good client relationships are. What do you suggest I do to maintain good relationships with my clients to retain their return business?

… Interested in Iowa


Dear Interested in Iowa,

Your question identifies an issue crucial for the success of...

Sep 6, 2023

Dear Just Ask Judy, 

Why is the unique value proposition in marketing important as a recruiter, and how can it help staffing firms attract new candidates and clients?



Dear Hannah, 

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your insightful question regarding the significance of a unique value proposition...