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Just Ask Judy

Sep 19, 2023

Dear Just Ask Judy-

As a recruiter I need to communicate with applicants and clients on a regular basis. Is texting still an efficient tool to accomplish this?

… Karl in Kansas

Dear Karl in Kansas-

Thank you for reaching out with your question about the utility of texting. Even with the strong presence of social media, texting still holds a significant place in our daily interactions and has its unique advantages. To help us better understand its benefits, I spoke with Kat Wright, Enterprise Sales Manager at Text Request. Text Request is a business texting software designed specifically for recruiters.

According to Kat, one of the key advantages of texting is its quick and easy nature. While picking up the phone and making a call is often preferred because of the “human touch,” texting allows for a swift response. Texting can send and receive messages in real-time, making it very convenient for busy individuals. It eliminates the need for lengthy phone conversations or waiting for email responses.

Scheduled messaging is another feature that makes texting efficient. Kat explains that scheduling messages is an everyday use case in the staffing industry, especially when dealing with applicants in different time zones or for night owls who work unconventional hours. By scheduling messages, businesses can send links for scheduling interviews, confirming appointments, or filling last-minute openings. This feature allows for better time management and ensures that important communication is delivered at the right time.

Kat also mentions the high response rate of text messages. Statistics show that text messages have a 95% higher chance of being seen, read, and responded to than phone calls. Almost every text message sent is read, while emails have a significantly lower open rate. This makes texting an effective way to contact candidates and ensure that important information is received and acknowledged.

Kat pointed out that texting also allows for efficient and direct communication. Candidates may be unable to answer phone calls while working, but they can easily respond to a quick text message. Texting provides a non-intrusive way to reach out to candidates and receive prompt replies. It is also helpful in sending last-minute details before interviews or getting specific questions answered. Instead of chasing someone down with phone calls, a quick text can provide the necessary information and streamline the communication process.

If you want to explore the advantages of texting, contact Kat at 423-218-0111, ext. 714.

Her email is You may visit the Text Request website at

I hope this has answered your question, Karl!