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The 98%

May 29, 2023

Get ready for an energised, uplifting and empowering episode with today's guest Brian Patacca! 

Brian helps actors get what they want without all the struggle. Known as “The Representation Whisperer" for helping over 500 actors find representation through his popular online courses and entertaining podcast, Brian teaches actors how to market themselves authentically and use gratitude to open doors.

Brian believes whole heartedly in actors, performers and creatives following their purpose, instead of playing by a tired set of industry rules. In focussing on what they have to offer instead of what they feel they need to do and say, actors can skip the drama, generate momentum, and build excitement around who they are and what they love to do the most.

This is a fabulous listen for all actors and an important reminder of how much we have to offer outside of just our credits and experience. Grab a notebook and pen and make the most of Brian's brilliant expertise!

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