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The 98%

May 1, 2023

As tradition, the 10th episode of the season sees just Alexa and Katie chinwagging about the real #actorslife. In this 90 min episode you'll hear discussions around reevaluating what "success" looks like as an actor, where Katie has been, the importance of boundries and self validation, actor-podcaster frustrations in an industry that only celebrates the 2%, a worrying new Hollywood trend, lessons learned, what's coming up in future episodes, and so much more! Grab a cuppa and strap in for a no-nonesense, brutally honest look at being an actor in 2023.

* TW: from 57 mins - 1hr 5mins there is a brief discussion around disordered eating, body ideals and industry pressures regarding weight loss. Please skip through if this is not a topic you feel comfortable engaging in. *


Some things mentioned in this episode!
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