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The 98%

Feb 6, 2023

In this part of The 98%'s mini-series about mistreatment of actors, Katie and Alexa speak to powerhouse, advocate and trailblazer Helen Raw who has made it her mission, despite devastating pushback, to make changes in our industry to protect actors and be a support system for those who have nowhere to go with their experiences of all forms of abuse. You may have heard of Helen, or seen her online, but here you get to hear from the woman herself and the person behind the crusade. Alexa and Katie chat to Helen about her experiences of standing up to those in power even as a child, what shaped her as a pioneer for change, the sacrfices she's made, and the trials and difficulties she's faced in putting together her infamous list of abusers in the industry to try and make this industry a safer space for all. This is NOT an episode to miss! #TickTock

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