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The Embodiment Podcast

Host Mark Walsh and guest hosts offer a weekly podcast for everyone who is interested in Embodiment and the body. The podcast contains in-depth explorations of embodiment topics with expert guests from around the globe. Diverse speakers and practitioners of embodied areas such as academia, yoga, meditation, martial arts, psychology, medical, somatic, therapy, dance, and bodywork. The podcast is full of practical tips and experiential exercises.

Feb 24, 2023

A special episode ahead of the upcoming free meditation event and embodied meditation teacher training. We talk Tibet, modern mindfulness being pants, life application of meditation and the zombie apocalypse. Naturally. 

A next level chat.

Feb 23, 2023

Strong woman Daniela Welzel, a long-standing member of the Embodiment Unlimited “family” reveals how Dr Spock was her first meditation inspiration when she was 12 years old. She now has a huge amount of meditation experience under her black-belt in Aikido as well a huge amount of insight into how embodiment...

Feb 22, 2023

A conversation that covers personal milestones in relating, simple and effective ways to overcome barriers to intimacy and reclaim innocence that keeps you from finding love. We discuss why relationship support needs to be ongoing and integrated over a longer period of time and how the internet can support this for many...

Feb 17, 2023

Embodiment coach and Rolfer. Emily joins me to talk body acceptance, body shame, emotions and food, Floor Flow, self soothing, being enough, and country music. A good one if you ever have body shame!
Find Emily at:

Feb 16, 2023

Fascia and its role in trauma work. In this episode Patricia and Elisha talk about the body's role in holding trauma. We hear that trauma is held in the body?  How does that happen, and what does fascia have to do with it?
Elisha Celeste