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Mar 21, 2022

I hit 350k Subscribers on YouTube!!

Technically I also hit 300k but we hit 350k before I had time to record anything so here we are. To celebrate, I asked for questions and got more than 1000 across all platforms so here's 90 minutes of me trying to answer as many as possible. There are legitimately some world-class questions here which I wish I'd come up with, including some really tough ones about my goals, fears and motivations,

Expect to learn whether I think calling everyone cult members is a clever idea, how a beef-fuelled Jordan Peterson annihilated me at Top Golf, my biggest internal challenges, why I haven't gone vegan, my best advice for incels, whether I believe in NoFap superpowers, why I don't use AirPods to podcast with, my thoughts on pegging and much more...


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