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This podcast is all about getting started and moving past the fears and blocks and whatever else is getting the F-- in our way!

Often times it's ourselves.

Totally normal!

Doing the things talked about in the podcast works best with a community, with support and with talking about where you're at, what you're going through and whatever else may come up. 

Go to the contact page and email me your First and Last name so I can invite you to our Facebook community of innovators and creatives who are having these discussions and for more support from me! Including LIVE conversations and Q&A days and bonus: ask me whatever about podcasting!

Can't wait to meet you! Love you!


Jun 27, 2018

What would it feel like to give yourself permission to rest? Does just the thought of it evoke stress or does it inspire a restful feeling? Knowing how to rest can be a skill and learning what rest means to you is an important asset to incorporate into your process to stay inspired and to avoid burnout, creative...

Jun 25, 2018

If you’ve ever found yourself putting off a project, procrastinating for various reason, may it be perfectionism, overwhelm or fill-in-the-blank-block, firstly you’re totally normal and we all experience this. In this episode I give you a tool to creatively leverage space and time and hold yourself and...

Jun 20, 2018

You are busy building an infinite legacy, so why worry about the negative bullshit that other people say in moments that no more than fleeting. Here are some tips to get to the good stuff and let the nonsense fall to the whey side. 

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Jun 20, 2018

Gratitude is powerful when we learn how to enlist it in our daily lives and see the things around us that we have. It can bring us into abundance. But what if we not only looked around us but also inside of us? What can we be grateful for about ourselves? This can elevate your thoughts from negative to positive, have...

Jun 13, 2018

What we surround ourselves with can have a heavy influence on the energy we feel and that can then influence how we feel about what we're creating and the process we're engaging in.

Today's tip is, once again about how to make this all...a little easier!

Join me here:  Intuitive Creators Academy & Collective