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This podcast is all about getting started and moving past the fears and blocks and whatever else is getting the F-- in our way!

Often times it's ourselves.

Totally normal!

Doing the things talked about in the podcast works best with a community, with support and with talking about where you're at, what you're going through and whatever else may come up. 

Go to the contact page and email me your First and Last name so I can invite you to our Facebook community of innovators and creatives who are having these discussions and for more support from me! Including LIVE conversations and Q&A days and bonus: ask me whatever about podcasting!

Can't wait to meet you! Love you!


Sep 26, 2023

Do YOU have a wellness strategy? It is almost October which happens to be Emotional Wellness month. I joined Jesse Torres, host of the Hack My Business podcast, along with another guest Beth Bloom to discuss our definitions and processes for wellness, particularly in relationship to being in business.

Wellness does NOT...

Sep 19, 2023

We often talk about healing through the context of our mental, emotional or spiritual bodies, but our physical bodies are the manifesters of the others…and all must work together. Today’s episode touches on the transition that led our guest, Kristel Bauer to create her brand Live Greatly, the fundamentals around...

Sep 12, 2023

How often do you get the chance to actually LISTEN to what your body is telling you? For example,  if you're tired, you take a break and rest or if you're stressed, you pause and take time away...In this episode we are talking about the power the body has to heal, how we acquire sickness and how that can serve as...

Sep 5, 2023

When is the last time you felt you were in the "flow state"? I've called this many things, like following the muse or intuitively connecting to your wisdom and trusting what comes next or being in meditation or simply engaging with your creativity. There are SO MANY WAYS you can tap into this "flow state" at any moment....