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Apr 18, 2009

 Part 1 -- Susan Boyle, Girl Singer

My take on the well known Susan Boyle audition on "Britain's Got Talent."

Part 2 -- Twitter and the Death of Disco

Twitter, how it's supposed to work, and how it's getting muddied up by "Social Media Experts."  A few suggestions if you just stumbled into it.  And the Death of Disco, and how Twitter's current state compares.

Music: "Gettin' Giggity With It" from The Great Luke Ski of the Funny Music Project.

Theme: "Hot Swing" from Kevin MacLeod.

over fifteen years ago

Don\'t let Twitter get you down, Grizz. Just take your own advice - follow who you like, don\'t worry about the celebrities and marketers.

Grizzly Smith
over fifteen years ago

Oh, I don\'t. Mostly. It was kind of a unique weekend, in so many ways. Never was happy with the \"Grownups\" thinking they speak for me. Especially considering the particular \"grownups\" in this case. ;-)