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Dec 30, 2008

K7 Comment Line: 206-350-6909

Flash Fiction by my friend Randall Head, entitled "The Meat."  I picked the title, since he didn't have one yet.  Hope he likes it.

Theme: Pachelbel's "Canon in D" by Owen Poteat.

Incidental Music: "Porch Blues" by Kevin MacLeod.

Randall Head
fifteen and a half years ago

I *really* like the reading, Dave! Sounds much better than if I had read it ...

Grizzly Smith
fifteen and a half years ago

Thanks! Of course, now folks\\\'ll want to comment to you about the writing stuff...

Oh, you missed the Twitter comment from yesterday: \\\"braindouche @Grizzlysgrowls thumbs up on the most recent hibernation!\\\"