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Brothers of the Serpent

Apr 25, 2024

Matt Shy joins us in studio to discuss his research and reading into the evidence for ancient giants around the world. In this episode we cover the mounds of North America and the mythology and oral traditions of Native Americans, as well as confirmed accounts of findings of large skeletons by the Smithsonian. We also...

Apr 23, 2024

Streaming live from the Tangent Cube, with Ben from UnchartedX in studio with us for the first time. We discuss the eclipse event, then continue our conversation from last week about our recent trip to Egypt. We show some videos of Giza around the satellite pyramids, and new video of the well shaft and grotto in the...

Apr 4, 2024

Ben from UnchartedX joins us in our first episode since returning from our six weeks in Egypt. We discuss discoveries and observations we made at many different sites across Egypt, our adventures in the Fayum and the surrounding desert, diving in the Red Sea, and more.


Find Ben and his fantastic content here: