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Brothers of the Serpent

Oct 31, 2020

After returning from our trip through Arizona and Utah with Randall and Brad, we come back to the Tangent Cube at the end of the week for the next installment of our deep dive into The Velikovsky Heresies by Laird Scranton.

This episode we talk a lot about magnetism, remnant magnetism in lunar rocks, and calendar...

Oct 27, 2020

Here's the roadsode. We talk about the Arizona/Utah trip with Randall. More to come soon!

We're going to bed now.



Oct 15, 2020

For part two of our deep dive into The Velikovsky Heresies by Laird Scranton, we talk about the mechanics of the solar system, of circular orbits, of retrograde motion. We talk about the "n-body problem" of physics and how the motions of all the bodies in the solar system is, over the long term, an exercise in...

Oct 11, 2020

Kyle was out of town for most of this week so this show was late, but on Friday night we finally managed to get in the Tangent Cube and record it. We're starting a new SnakeBros book report, this one on Laird Scranton's excellent book The Velikovsky Heresies.

On this episode we cover Laird's intro to the book and the...

Oct 2, 2020

This week we are joined once again by Bob Johnson for the first hour of the show to talk about his experiences in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as a geologist, this time in the context of the subject of the story of Exodus. Bob directed us to watch a short documentary detailing a possible "alternate route" to the legendary...