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Brothers of the Serpent

May 19, 2024

Luke Caverns joins us in studio to discuss one of the most mysterious ancient peoples of the Americas: the Olmecs. Luke has visited many of the known Olmec sites and shows us just how little we know of this strange and fascinating civilization.

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May 11, 2024

Prof Shy returns for the third and final part of his presentation on the evidence for giants in the ancient world. This time we look at tales of giants from the old world.


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May 5, 2024

Prof Shy joins us again, this time remotely, to continue his presentation of his research on the historical and archaeological evidence for giants. The first half of the show is a deep dive into the subject of the legendary giants of Lovelock Cave. In the second half, we read through multiple accounts of giant...

Apr 25, 2024

Matt Shy joins us in studio to discuss his research and reading into the evidence for ancient giants around the world. In this episode we cover the mounds of North America and the mythology and oral traditions of Native Americans, as well as confirmed accounts of findings of large skeletons by the Smithsonian. We also...

Feb 1, 2024

Martin takes us through more of his research into alignments of the megalithic structures in the UK, demonstrating that some of these monuments may be aligned with each other across vast distances, implying that there could have been an overall plan for all of them, rather than simple random placement.

We also look at...