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Therapy Wise

May 10, 2024

Today’s episode is all about the evolution of a leader and the various opportunities of growth inherent in the challenges leaders encounter. I speak about:


The three levels of evolution of a leader


How challenges are opportunities for growth and leadership initiation


The opportunities in Level 1 of leadership:...

Apr 20, 2024

Today’s Therapy Wise guest is Paula Scatolini, a Clinical Social Worker with over three decades of experience in modern psychology, neuroscience and somatics. She is known for pioneering the use of modern acoustics to help shift the emotional, physical, mental, and energetic body towards health and resilience.



Apr 13, 2024

In today’s podcast episode, I go over the reasons why it’s helpful to explore your past lives.


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I describe:


How time is an illusion and how this fact can really blow your mind in past...

Apr 4, 2024

Today’s episode is a follow up to Episode 11. The Work That I Do. Since recording the initial episode, my work has evolved and deepened and this episode describes these changes.


In the episode I describe:


The importance of taking action in refining your highest level of work


How I viewed myself primarily as a...

Mar 9, 2024

Today’s episode is an interview with Danielle Searancke, an indigenous spiritual medium, mentor, end-of-life-doula and Founder of Spirit School. I trained as a medium with Danielle and highly recommend her work.


Danielle and I speak about:


Her evolution as a medium and a teacher and mentor of other mediums...