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SERP's Up SEO Podcast

Oct 25, 2023

How do you get and keep your SEO team up to speed? Where do you even start when training an SEO team? What tactics should you follow when building a strong SEO training program? 

Take your team to the next level as Sterling Sky’s Colan Nielsen joins Wix’s Crystal Carter and Mordy Oberstein to share proven strategies...

Oct 18, 2023

Keyword cannibalization: we all know it’s bad, but what is it really? What impact does it have? How do you fix it? 

We give some helpful tips to figure out if your site is cannibalizing itself on the Google SERP, and what (if anything) you can do to prevent it. Wix’s very own Mordy Oberstien and Crystal Carter help...

Oct 4, 2023

What is the future of SEO shaping up to be? How will AI change the landscape in SEO? What impact will Google have for SEO in the future? 

Brace yourselves for this blimey incredible feature of the SERP’s Up SEO Podcast as Wix’s own Crystal Carter travels to the land of The Beatles and Buckingham Palace to take on...

Oct 2, 2023

What role does AI play in modern marketing? Can you leverage AI in your marketing? How do you use AI the ‘right’ way? 

Wix’s Mordy Oberstien and Crystal Carter are joined by best-selling author and marketing influencer, Kim Garst, to discuss leveraging AI to expand your creativity and knowledge base in marketing....