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The Bob McCown Podcast

Aug 31, 2023

No Guest? No problem. 

A select number of people know exactly how integral John was for the growth of the game of hockey on television but luckily, one of them is Daren Millard. With no guest on today’s show Daren knows just what to ask and what to say to get information out of Shannon as we take a look at how it...

Aug 30, 2023

We get to cross all the “Armstrong’s” off of our our Current NHL GM Wishlist in just a week with Bill on the Show. We take a look into his career before getting into his team though, as we find out what made him switch from coach to General Manager, who has influenced him on the way and what kind of GM he wants to...

Aug 29, 2023

Having done next to no press during his offseason, we don’t know why he chose to come on today either… but when the head coach of the Florida Panthers comes a knockin’ we aren’t going to stop him!


Paul Maurice gives us his perspective of the 2023 NHL Playoffs today, answering every question Daren and John...

Aug 28, 2023

Daren Millard in the co-host chair and to kick off our week with Millard, Doug Armstrong joins us for some NHL chat to start the week.
We get an update from Doug about the Blues, their off-season and his expectations for the upcoming season in the first half of the show. After break, John and Daren get Doug's opinion...

Aug 25, 2023

Let's end the week off with a roundtable, shall we?
Eric Duhatschek and Bruce Garrioch join John and Richard today to go over some of the biggest storylines in hockey right now.
We talk about Auston Matthews' new deal in Toronto and what that means for William Nylander, sparking a conversation on contract terms -...