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The Bob McCown Podcast

Feb 29, 2024

Just when you thought he was hanging things up, Scott Moore signs on as the CEO of the 2025 Invictus Games. So Bob and John brought him on today's show to talk about it.

Who, What, Where, Why, and How? Scott answers all of those and more with Bob and John as the three break down the details of the Invictus Games and...

Feb 28, 2024

Nick Kypreos joins Bob and John for some hockey talk on today’s show. 

The three focus much of their discussion on the Toronto Maple Leafs today as Bob, John and Nick try to set realistic expectations for this hockey team as they approach the NHL’s trade deadline and Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

They also manage to fit in...

Feb 27, 2024

The Toronto Raptors have won three games in a row so that means they’re good now…. Right? 

Doug Smith and Paul Jones come in to answer exactly that as Bob, John, Doug and Paul debate over the legitimacy of this team, their roster and their players' potential to become stars in the...

Feb 26, 2024

It’s Deitsch Monday as Bob and John Welcome Richard Onto the show to start another week of podcasting.

Curling is on Richard's brain after watching Ontario's Rachel Homan reclaim the Canadian women's curling championship seven years after her last one with a 5-4 win over Manitoba's Jennifer Jones on Sunday in Calgary....

Feb 23, 2024

Doug Armstrong, General Manager Of The St.Louis Blues, joins the show today to end the week off with some hockey talk with Bob and John.

With the trade deadline right around the corner, that’s where the conversation begins today as we get some insight on Doug’s philosophy when it comes to deadline day. The three...