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True scary stories with Edi and Nick

Sep 22, 2023

SURPRISE SURPRISE!! A brand spankin' new Just The Terror! You're guaranteed to find a story that fits you just right! Enjoy!!

Sep 9, 2023

Do you believe that some people who have passed willingly continue to check in on us? Or are they not aware they have passed on and are just going about their regular schedule?

Also... don't play with Ouija Boards!

Sep 2, 2023

Is it brave or dumb to attempt a cursed ritual? That answer lies in the outcome. If everything goes right, nothing changes. But if one thing goes wrong... well, an entire life might change.  Enjoy this episode of Just The Terror!

Aug 25, 2023

One of the main things that should be discussed when it comes to the paranormal... DON'T INVITE THEM THROUGH!  Or in... or to be seen... 

Since the spiritual world is one of infinite unknown energy, it responds to energy being spent towards it more than anything else. If it feels like you're trying to get ahold of...

Aug 17, 2023

Now a days, it feels like every building has a story.  Every house has some ghost.  Every hotel room has a presence.  Not all of this is true. But what about the places that are ACTUALLY haunted. Where people spend one night... where people go to be provoked... where people tie the knot.  Do the spirits like this extra...