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True scary stories with Edi and Nick

Nov 18, 2021

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Nov 10, 2021

Skeptics exist at every corner of any story. Especially, scary ones. The person telling the story grows frustrated with each, "No way... You're lying." And in a strange poetic justice, it's only when another person experiences the same phenomenon that the victim finally feels a "weirdly welcomed but not great" feeling...

Nov 10, 2021

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Nov 5, 2021

It's nice when a story is wrapped up, whether the ending is happy or not. It feels like all is finished. But what of the moments in life that are never finished? Is that a reason certain stories feel even more spooky? Well here's a few stories that might leave you feeling strange and odd. --- Support this podcast:

Nov 2, 2021

What makes a life lesson? One of two results: "That was great! I can't wait to do it again!" or "Never again!"  And it's the never agains that make for some of the scariest tales. Enjoy these Never Agains!

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