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Sep 21, 2020

Working from home? Yeah, us too. And among the many challenges around our “new normal” comes the question of how Financial Institutions can give employees new meaning and improve morale in this WFH environment. But you’re in luck! This week on Banking On Experience, CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert is joined by Jill Nowacki, President/CEO of Humanidei + O’Rourke, Author at CUInsight, and an expert on this very subject.

What’s covered?

· High-level summary of/ discussion around Jill’s CUInsight Articles: “Most of your employees are not okay” and “Caregiving and COVID: Are women going to lose professional gains?”

· The unique challenges CU and Bank Employees face in a WFH environment- financially AND emotionally.

· Some of Jill’s top suggestions for what FIs can do right now to show some love and empathy in our current situation. (For one thing, engaging in those 1:1 conversations more regularly goes a long way.)

· Specific examples of companies that are doing this really well (and often in unexpected ways).

· What NOT to do when it comes to engaging with your WFH employees right now.

· Some of the biggest changes Jill has seen over these past months, and the impact those changes have had on employees.

· Jill’s top 3 takeaways for things that can be done to give employees an outlet and a sense of meaning during this WFH time of life. (She offers a seriously stellar framework here, and- trust us- you’ll want to take notes!)

· The best way to reach out to Jill? Via email: and via her website:

Here’s to you- and all of us- fighting the good fight from our kitchen-table “offices.”

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