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Oct 25, 2020

We’re all livin’ on a prayer these days. And those 80’s jams? Yeah, they bring back some memories (or at least some movie-inspired nostalgia for you babies out there.) Regardless, that kind of nostalgia offers an avenue for a whole lot of creative connection with your members. And that’s what this week’s episode of Banking On Experience is all about.

CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert is joined by Cynthia Kolko- writer/PR pro at The Summit Federal Credit Union and author of the CUInsight Article, “Five credit union marketing tips inspired by 80s heavy metal” to discuss member engagement. So, tune in and turn it up.

What’s covered?

· What inspired Cynthia to write the article in the first place. A self-declared “kook,” Cynthia saw this genre (what she calls “grilled cheese,” because it’s cheesy but still has a bit of a “burnt edge” to it) as a creative way to get some ideas out there.

· Some of the challenges credit unions face when trying to connect with their members. (Hint: the words “different” and “memorable” get some serious play here.)

· What CUs and FIs can do to bring some of that nostalgia (80’s and other) back, during these especially challenging times.

· For you Guns N’ Roses fans out there: why they weren’t in her original article. (You’ll have to listen in. ;))

· Some CUs Cynthia thinks are incorporating these marketing strategies really, really well. - The Summit Federal CU, for one. She discusses their sponsoring the Taste of Syracuse Festival- a big gesture to the community. And some other examples (including a mention of CRMNEXT’s current #rightonthemoney2020 campaign…small, shameless plug ;)) come up.

· Cynthia’s advice on how CUs can best gain the trust of younger audiences, in particular. One big point here: credit unions need talk more about themselves! The fact that CUs are not-for-profit is not commonly known, and it needs to be.

· The best way to reach out to Cynthia:

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