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Nov 8, 2020

Ah, Journey mapping. We’ve been hearing about it since ye olden days of the 1980’s. So, why are so many FIs still struggling to do it effectively?

This week on CRMNEXT’s Banking on Experience, Annette Franz- Founder & CEO of CX Journey Inc., Author, and the queen of journey mapping herself- joins us to lend her royal expertise.

What’s covered?

  • A controversial question: What is Annette passionately opposed to, that most folks in the CX world are all for? In her words, “When people talk about NPS as the holy grail, it just makes my skin crawl.” But, that’s a conversation for another day. ;)

  • Some of the challenges Annette believes people have when it comes to building journeys, in general. Yep, it’s hard to know where to begin with this one, and our guest says as much. But she points out some of the biggies. (Spoiler: Knowing why you’re doing it, making sure you are actually doing it, a central focus on customer and budget each make a big appearance here.)

  • A high-level framework of where people in FIs can start. - Annette shares her 6-step process (which you can also read about in her book, “Customer Understanding: Three ways to put the ‘Customer’ in Customer Experience”) and- trust us- you’ll want to take notes.

  • Discussion around the necessity to collaborate in all functions of the business, in order to find success with journey mapping.

  • Why journey mapping is so important for employee happiness as well. Annette shares some specific examples of this, but- even better- she has a book in the works (for 2021) ALL about employees. So, stay tuned on that!

  • How journey maps and the process of journey mapping has changed during the pandemic, in our expert’s experience.

  • How to contact Annette:

o Via her website:

o Via LinkedIn

o Via Twitter (@annettefranz)

o Via Email:

Happy mapping, one and all!

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