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Tiny Bubbles: Recovery Inspiration

Apr 12, 2023

Are you intentional about the language you choose to talk about recovery? The same phrases that feel accurate and comfortable in some situations can be misunderstood by a wider audience. Does being a non-drinker mean a person is sober? Does sobriety always equal recovery? Today's show aims to help you find the right words to accurately reflect your recovery perspective.

In this episode:

Jean reads from her book UnPickled Prepare to be Alcohol-Free: Tips and Insights to Ease the Transition (2022)

Greg Williams, director of The Anonymous People (2014) documentary 

Greg William's Bubble Hour interview is available via Patreon  

The Bubble Hour S9E10: Ruby Warrington, Author of Sober Curious and The Sober Curious Reset

Sober Curious by Ruby Warrington

The Sober Curious Reset by Ruby Warrington

"Addictionary" recovery language from Recovery Research Institute

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