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Brothers of the Serpent

Jul 9, 2020

We once again join Alex Tsakiris from the Skeptiko podcast to talk with author Bruce Fenton about his research that he details in his books, Into Africa and Exogenesis. Alex hosts the swapcast and plays clips from a video he produced with Bruce called 780,000: Our Alien Origin Story(see embedded video below).
In the hour we have with Bruce and Alex we talk briefly about some of the Into Africa material and the evidence for humans in South America in extreme antiquity, then move to the main topic, which is the information in Exogenesis. Following a trail made of dreams, shamanic experiences, and other similar immaterial sources, Bruce uncovers a lot of evidence that a series of extraordinary events took place on earth almost one million years ago, and these events may have shaped both the planet and the human race into what it is today.