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Brothers of the Serpent

May 28, 2024

We went live on youtube to read and respond to listener emails, and questions and comments in the chat.
Thank you all so much for listening and supporting the show!


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Jan 16, 2024

We stream live from the Tangent Cube, reading and responding to listener emails and questions and comments from the chat!

Dec 10, 2023

Thanks to everyone who sent the great emails! We love reading and responding to them on the show. We also read and respond to questions and comments from the live chat, thanks to everyone who donated, and for the 1up boxes!


Executive Producers:
Peter Shell
Clueless Krees
Philip Baklamov
Matt Shy

Nov 2, 2023

We read and respond to listener emails in this episode, which was live streamed to YouTube. Thank you all so much for the great emails, and the support for the show!


Executive Producers:
Philip Baklamov
Matt Shy
Peter Shell
Zachariah Baker

Associate Executive Producers:
Jim Niggles

Sep 4, 2023

Harvest was crazy this year, over 30 tons of grapes, but it's all fermented and in barrels or tanks at this point. Hopefully we are almost back to a regular podcasting schedule.
We returned with a live show, talking about the winemaking process and showing some videos, then reading and responding to...