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Mom Essentials

Mar 17, 2023

Are you living in chronic pain?

My guest, Lyndsay Soprano, is no stranger to this! Along with her boutique marketing agency, Bound-by Marketing, she is the host of the pain game podcast to share her story and help others living in pain. 

She shares what she went through while trying to become a mom and even though she has not been able to have children of her own, she proudly displays the title of "auntie" to many! 

Lyndsay rocks the world of chronic pain and illness. As you will hear on this episode, it has been quite a ride to get her to where she is today after she was diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrom CRPS. 

After years of being misdiagnosed, poked and prodded, big Pharma attacked, and botched surgeries, she decided to take things into her own hands and try to heal herself.

This journey has made it very clear that YOU are your best advocate!

Find out what Lyndsay is up to through her links:

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