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SERP's Up SEO Podcast

Mar 20, 2024

What is “entity SEO” and how can entities play a practical role when doing SEO? 

Wix’s Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter break down the role that entities have in foundational SEO. The duo shares actual cases where understanding how Google deals with entities plays a major role in doing good SEO. 

Indeed’s SEO Product Manager, Gus Pelogia, joins the conversation to show you how to create targeted entity associations on your website. 

Plus, we explore YouTube’s contextual approach to entities.

Don’t forget your name tag, as this week; we present the significance behind entities and SEO on this week’s episode of the SERP’s Up SEO Podcast!

Key Segments

[00:02:16] What's On This Episode of SERP's Up?

[00:03:09] Focus Topic of the Week: Entities in SEO 

[00:21:29] Focus Topic Guest: Gus Pelogia

[00:25:28] Is This New? 

[00:35:05] Snappy News

[00:41:03] Follow of the Week

Hosts, Guests, & Featured People:

Mordy Oberstein

Crystal Carter

Gus Pelogia 

Dixon Jones


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