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The Bob McCown Podcast

Dec 26, 2022

We’re taking a week off! While we’re away, we will be running some of our favourite episodes that we recorded this year! Check it out if you missed it, see ya next week! 


Member of both the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame & the Canada's Sports Hall of Fame and one of the countries greatest golfers to play the game, Lorie Kane, graces Bob and John with her presence on todays episode.

With Lorie set to compete in her 30th and final Canadian Women's Open Bob and John talk to her about her career and how her training has changed over three decades of professional golf. 

We talk about the evolution of not only Lorie's game but the equipment she uses. Bob and John get some lessons on the right clubs to use and get some tips to help their putting game before the three move the discussion to the LIV Tour.

Lorie gives her opinion on what the Saudi backed tour is doing to the game of golf and get some insight on if we are going to see LIV implement a women's tour anytime soon.